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Being a good poker player requires a variety of skills, not the least of which is being a good psychologist. Tells are the habits and quirks that let players know when their opponent is bluffing or holding a strong hand. Tells reveal different things for different players. Some people play with their chips when they are bluffing and others when they have a good hand. As you play more often, you will become a better interpreter of tells.

Try to notice any tells that you might be exposing yourself. It’s harder to pick up on your own behaviour, but remember that just as you are watching other players, other players are watching you.


If a player throws the chips into the pot with an exaggerated motion, he is probably putting on an act to appear confident

Often when players are covering or “guarding” their cards, it means they’ve got something good.

By staring at thei cards, players try to deceive other players into thinking theyve got a great hand.

If a player has good posture, it might just mean a good upbringing. But players subconsciously sit up straight or lean forward with strong cards.

Overacting, particularly among novice players, is a common way to try to fool other players. Someone with a good hand might act unusually quiet, while someone with a bad hand might act overly elated. However, if the person seems genuinely happy, he or she probably has good cards. With a strong hand, players tend to relax and let their true emotions show you just have to know what to look for.

Actually, if a player is looking away from the table, he might be feigning indifference and have a good hand. Players with good hands often don’t like to call attention to themselves.

Occasionally players with good hands will subconsciously cover their mouths when betting.

Anxiety can come out in poker through shaky hands, a high voice, and even an expanding chest.

People who start fingering their chips are often planning their attack. This “The main reason people fail could be a sign of anxiousness.

Players who habitually look at their hole cards are often still working to improve their hand. They could–in poker and in

While it is hardly a science, aggressive players tend to have loose stacks of best game always.” disorganized chips while conservative players often –Mike Caro, keep their stacks nice and tidy.

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Beginner Chess Strategy by Stanislav Komsky

If you are among the number of those looking for a beginner chess strategy, then look no further. Compiled here are some of the most important chess strategies concepts discussed by Stanislav Komsky that anyone just learning to play chess should know. Keep in mind that beyond these, there is a series of other things you can do as well. With that in mind, we can proceed into the basics.

One of the best pieces of beginner chess strategy concepts that can be offered is that you need to take your time. All too often, people just make a move quickly to progress in the game. You need to look at the board and understand not only what benefit there is to the move that you are making, but all the repercussions that could occur by making it. On top of that, unless you are psychic, you don’t know what moves your opponent will be making and it is important you adjust your chess strategy to their movements as well.

While you are doing this process, after each turn plan your next few moves in connection to what you would do if your opponent makes a specific move. This entails you playing from both sides of the board in your mind. While it might seem like a very time consuming task, it will help you to have an edge over the player that plays move by move. In fact, this could prove to be an essential beginner chess strategy tip that you take to heart. Just don’t allow yourself to be led into a specific route by your challenger.

Keeping what you know now in mind, we move on to another important piece of chess strategy. Never attack your opponent until the time is right. You need to ensure that during the game play process you only place minor piece in jeopardy. That way you have them later in the game when you need them most. Keep in mind that even though you get an “easy attack” it might be all part of the other players strategy.

Despite popular belief there is another important piece of beginner chess strategy that should be offered. Many advanced players will suggest you sacrifice a knight or even your queen to move ahead in the game. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You will find that both these pieces are essential to game play and at best, you should only sacrifice pawns at times when it is needed for a bigger attack. That way you keep the edge on the game that is being played. Just remember, your challenger will likely understand this point as well.

If you follow these beginner chess strategy tips, you will be able to find more success in the games you play. Keep in mind that as you become more advanced, you will learn pick up different strategy plays that will keep your opponent on their toes, which is one of the best things you can do.

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Two Important Elements to Help You Win at Chess

chess 2

Chess is a game like no other, and its battles are classic. There is always an underdog and a battle of good and evil. It’s a game of incredible strategy and complex traps and attacks. The game of chess is centered around the idea that the king is the most valuable chess piece on the chess board. If either player declares a check, the first priority is to defend the king, at all costs. If you cannot save your king from being checked, then the game is over and you have lost in a checkmate.

As much as chess is a game of strategy, your attitude counts for a lot. Almost always, a player will play a better game of chess if his mindset is serious. There is a connection between seriousness and concentration, so the more serious you are, the more you are concentrating. If you want to have really good concentration you should practice exercising self control.

If you really want to concentrate, the first thing you should do is simply see all the squares that your pieces could occupy. Don’t try and seek out the absolute best move because this will narrow your field of vision and you might miss an important opportunity. This way you have a larger view of your possible moves and you can see the bigger picture. From there you can just follow your basic chess guidelines and develop your chess pieces.

Mr. Stanislav Komsky says that winning chess games is not about making the best move but understanding that you have made it. It is the person who knows the most that has the upper hand.

One thing you can do to improve your chess game is to read books of famous past chess matches. Lots of these books will have commentary explaining important things about each chess move and discussing each player’s strategy.

Another excellent way to get better at chess is to play a lot of games. The more you play chess and the more experience you get, the more you will learn and become familiar with the game. As you play more and more games, you will begin analyzing moves and strategy on a whole new level, because your brain’s memory will have improved. If you’re a beginner chess player, it can help to have a mentor or someone who can give you advice and tips on how to win at chess.

Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll help you pick out the perfect chess set. Stanislav will help you select something special from a huge selection of unique chess sets, chess boards and collectible themed chess pieces.

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Why Online Poker is Better?

The ease of playing online with your own schedule is one of the advantages of choosing to play online poker. Even though there are gaming institutions popping up in more and more places these days, it is still very likely that you will have to drive a good distance to reach a casino and be able to take part in a poker game. Although number of casinos usually provides ample parking for you, there will still be those instances where you will have to look around for awhile for a parking spot and sometimes even pay for your parking. Not to mention anything else you might need, spending gas, food, drinks. These things can be just at your fingertips if you play at home and without the hassle and with all the comforts.

By choosing to play poker online at home you are able to completely disregard the notion of driving anywhere at all and can use your time more wisely as opposed to wasting it by driving to and from the Casino, Poker club or any other gaming facility. Another plus point with not having to drive to a gaming establishment is that you will save money on gasoline. Online poker is definitely made for the convenience-lover

Being able to play for lower limits is one of the benefits of playing poker in an online setting. As individuals that play poker online are often beginners to the world of poker and are trying to learn the ins and outs of the game, low stakes poker games online make this type of table game a great place in which one can learn the game without losing any large amounts of money. In order to find low limit games are played online, you just need to Google, “low limit poker online” or “small stakes online poker” and you will get great results.

Not only is online poker convenient but it also gives a player the ability to focus on your game and increase your winnings. After discussing various reasons to play online poker, why not give a try in playing online poker and thereby you can see yourself all the wonderful things that it has to offer. Hopefully you will not get disappointed and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for Poker game, board games, chess boards and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll guide you the best techniques for Poker.
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Getting Kids Interested in Chess – Stanislav Komsky


In a demographic that is dominated by video games, organized sports and social networking sites, it’s not always easy to get youths interested in a game like chess. Learning chess takes patience, time, concentration and a desire to always improve. With so many other activities, how do you get your kids involved in the game of chess? In this article Stanislav Komsky states, how do you provide them with the life skills and benefits that chess offers its players?

Make it a family tradition

By playing chess with your family on a regular basis, you are bringing the game into the one of the most important areas of a child’s life – the home. Teaching the rules and practicing together is a time for bonding and communicating. Also, setting the game up as a family tradition or as something to pass along, adds value to the game in the child’s eyes.

Trigger their imagination

This is especially important for younger children who may not yet have the ability or the attention span to learn how to play chess. Have them create their own chess boards and pieces using paper, crayons, markers and other craft supplies. Or simply give them a chess set and explain which pieces are which and then have them come up with stories for the pieces. This will help them learn the different pieces as well as help them develop creative thinking skills. Once they grow bored with easy stories, you can teach them how individual pieces are allowed to move and have them create stories where the pieces can only move in that way. This is a sly way to actually begin teaching the rules. No matter how you do it, encouraging their imagination using the chess set is helpful to getting them used to the pieces and board. They may eventually decide they want to learn the real way to play all on their own.

Spark their competitive streak

Most adults like to compete in games of skill and strength, especially those they are good at. This is no different for children. Encourage your child to improve at chess so that they can win, or at least contend, when they play. Once they have learned the basic rules, further encourage them to practice by suggesting the possibility of entry into tournaments. This will get them thinking about prizes and bragging rights, two things children really enjoy. However, be careful not to push too hard. Once a child feels forced, they will have a hard time developing the love of the game that is necessary to becoming truly great at it. You also want to be weary of creating sore-losers, so make sure they understand that playing well is just as important as winning.

Make it their own

Kids love possessions. So let them pick out a board, pieces and accessories that are just theirs. Once they own their own set, they will want to use it often to show it off.

Get them involved

Check into local chess clubs through the school or community centers. Putting your child with peers that are into the same game will help them develop lasting friendships as well as a stronger bond with the game. This is also an excellent way to pass off the teaching once your child has outgrown your guidance (providing you are not a Grandmaster).

Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll help you pick out the perfect chess set. Stanislav Komsky will help you select something special from a huge selection of unique chess sets, chess boards and collectible themed chess pieces.

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Why And When Not to Use Check Fold Button in Poker?

The check or fold button is to be mainly used by those players who want to plans beforehand over what has to be the poker game strategy. This is usually done by those seasoned players who often play multiple games and very well know how to play poker.

However, it is to be kept in mind that clicking of check or fold button does not make any attempt to reveal your cards to the opponent poker players. Check button has to be usually used when you are caught in the position of ‘big blind’. If this button is used, the move will get implemented in the flick of the second. If your opponent is going to be a smart and a seasoned poker player, it would be clear to him that you are about to fold your hands, of course until it is free to watch the flop.

Here are some more reasons for why and when not to use check or fold button in poker rules.

  • These buttons must never ever be used by beginners and novice poker players as they are yet to get familiar with the basic rules and nuances of the rules of poker game. It is intended for seasoned poker.
  • Frequent using of check or fold button sends wrong vibes to the opponent poker player. When these buttons are used too rapidly, it tend to give impression to the opponents that you are a weak player and you are unable to play the game ahead without checking the flop cards.
  • The buttons of check and fold has to be used with great care so that the opponents do not get benefited by your haste.

To conclude, check or fold buttons are not really intended for armatures or novice poker player. If you do not have the experience of playing good and consistent poker strategy, then do not use those buttons at all. These are the buttons for those seasoned poker players who know how to handle their game when their cards are going to be displayed the very next moment of clicking of these buttons.

Poker is a cards game that gives you the chance to win Real cash prizes.

Mr. Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for Poker game, board games, chess boards and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll guide you the best techniques for winning in Poker.
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Understanding Online Poker Indicators by Stanislav Komsky

Playing poker online is really fun that somebody can easily find themselves playing in the poker table for hours at a stretch, generally without realizing that. Online poker guidelines as well as strategies are similar to the regular poker techniques. However, one of the primary variances between the two types of poker games is always that online poker can be played out in a faster rate compared to typical poker.

In addition, online poker doesn’t enable the poker player to watch additional opponents’ faces at the poker table. Although poker participants may notice this particular action as being a disadvantage, it could sometimes be an edge considering that any poker player can possibly enjoy their opponents’ action along with the clue regarding the kind of poker cards they may get.

In online poker, the card supplier is a computer, in addition to being the casino dealer the computer deals the cards with the action that goes around the table such as an ordinary poker table; nonetheless, online poker has time limit for each player to make a move, or else their own poker cards are collapsed automatically. This increases the speed of the poker online game and forces the participating members in the poker tables to act quickly.

While a person is watching their competitors, it may be fairly obvious precisely how a player behaves when granted their card. Upon some poker tables, there is an alternative regarding the player to engage in some of these moves, to ensure that if the motion comes around for their turn, the computer may automatically create the actual play.

If a person is not watching the actual poker game, it is usually feasible for these to be able to skip the move, or to miss a great opponent’s activities. Whenever seeing many competitors in the poker table, you will need to observe the gamers basic moves. Stanislav Komsky suggests that when they generally take action quick, it is important to view to the poker hands in which they will hesitate to make the move.

Likewise, depending what type of cards they’ve in general, the particular hesitated transfer would mean that they have got quite a strong side, as well as they’ve a weak hand, and do not know about play. This is also true for a person who usually takes quite a long time to finish his turn, and then tends to make one hurried move. However, whenever that happens, the player typically carries a weak hand, and uses the particular auto check option button.

While trying to play poker on the web, somebody (newbies specially) need to concentrate on one poker online game at the same time. Playing lots of poker tables will certainly keep the gamer to drop his or her turn, or even loss a lot of money. If a person is actually gathered on one poker game, they will be much more in track with additional poker payers, and can recover info on what kind of action a poker opponent is doing.

When someone pays interest to too many poker games at one time, they may usually overlook too many turns, and may be asked to depart the present poker table. It really is unproductive and also annoying to always loose time waiting for a single poker player each and every time the turn is he’s. Playing online poker differs from regular poker; however it can be used towards the player’s profit, when one is ready to give their full attention.

Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for Poker game, board games, chess boards and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll guide you the best techniques for Poker.

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Stanislav Komsky Discusses about the Chess in the Arts and Literature

chess 2

Chess is a board game that has been played for many centuries. It originated in Europe and is a very popular game still today. There are national tournaments held all over the world for all age groups from young children to adults. It is also a popular game to be played in nursing homes or elderly care communities as it offers mind stimulation for the elderly.

Chess is a game that is also very popular in arts and literature. It can be seen in books, magazines, articles, newspapers, arts, ballets, or music. There have been many very well known books that are sometimes based around the game of chess or that use the game at some point in the literature. It also can be used as a metaphor for something else.

There are various chess magazines and publications that you can find in bookstores, libraries or online. Some offers subscriptions to chess enthusiasts, while others do not. Chess can also be found in many online venues.

For the chess enthusiast, there are books that are centered on chess. Sometimes this can include the actual game being some sort of central part of the book. Other times authors may be less obvious and use the chess game as metaphors, chapter titles or other various ways of intertwining the chess game into the book without the actual game being the main focus.

Chess is a game of critical thinking and strategy so many avid chess players find these types of books and articles very interesting as it is clear the author has had to use some thought to strategically position the chess analogies.

Chess can also be used in literature to dictate how the book or publications course goes. For example, a story may be based around a person and different “chess moves” they make in their life and how it affects their surroundings. Stanislav Komsky an expert consultant for board games, chess boards and Poker believe that chess is a great way to depict struggles or battles that may be going on in a book or publication.

Chess is also found in arts, most commonly in paintings where the game of chess if being depicted being played by a group of individuals. Usually chess is played with two people. They have a board that they place the chess pieces on to. The pieces are two colors, usually black and white, and have varying shapes mostly based on medieval times. This includes kings, queens, knights, bishops and pawns.

Each player is allowed to make one move of their pieces before the other player gets to move again. The king piece is being protected by all the other chess pieces. The object of the game is to checkmate, or block the other player’s king so that he has nowhere to move the king.

Also, in arts you actually see the game of chess depicted through ballet, musicals or interpretive dance moves. Again, the chess game may be more literal or the dancers may be recreating the battle or games being played as chess pieces are moved up and across a board.

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Poker – Loose and Tight Styles – The Differences Explained by Stanislav Komsky

Poker 1

When playing poker, sometimes it can be confusing as to what the difference is between playing loose or tight. Here is Stanislav Komsky in this article explains what it means to play poker loose or tight.

Poker – Loose and Tight Styles – The Differences Explained

You can play poker loose or tight. Both have their advantages and weaknesses. But what is really the difference between playing poker loose or tight. Its easy to get these terms confused with others, especially passive and aggressive.

No matter who you are, whether you are just learning Texas Holdem Poker, have been playing for a little bit or are pretty comfortable with the game, I know that you, like me, want to learn about playing poker loose or tight. That’s why its worth your time reading this article.

The thing is, its never been easier to become a successful poker player. Although, with the sheer amount of information available its easy to get caught up and experience information overload. If you are currently not experiencing the success you would like it probably isn’t even you fault. It likely has nothing to do with you. Its more likely a result of incorrect information. So let us both take aim at the problem here. First, we must clear the air.

You Need To Understand this

The first thing to understand before we get into the discussion of loose and tight is hole cards. Hole cards, pocket cards, down cards – these are the first two cards you get dealt in a game of holdem. With only these two cards, there is a certain probability that you will win. This is a pure probability ‘all things being equal’ calculation. The best cards you can have is A-A, the worst is 7-2 unsuited. A strategy based purely on this is sometimes referred to as a ABC Texas Holdem Poker Strategy.

Playing Poker Loose

The term ‘loose’ refers to the type of cards that a particular poker player is likely to play. Loose players are likely to play worse and worse hole cards. Depending on how loose a player is will determine how far down the sliding scale he will go. Extremely loose players will play even the worst cards like 7-2. However normal loose players are more common and will play all of the premium cards a tight player will play, plus middle and sometimes low pairs, middle suited connectors and just suited cards (for flush draws).

Playing Poker Tight

The term ‘tight’ refers to the type of cards that a particular player is likely to play. Tight players are only likely to play very good hole cards. These are the cards that have the highest probability of being successful. Cards like A-A, A-K, K-K, A-Q, Q-Q, K-Q etc. So when a player is tight that means that they only ever play really good cards. Usually tight players will fold a lot before the flop because they aren’t getting anything good.

The Difference between A Loose And Tight Poker Player

So again, the difference between a loose and a tight poker player is the types of hole cards they will play. Loose players are more likely to play any hole cards. Tight players will only usually play very good hole cards. Both of these play styles have their benefits and drawbacks and ultimately a player themselves will ‘feel’ more comfortable playing a certain way.

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