Why And When Not to Use Check Fold Button in Poker?

The check or fold button is to be mainly used by those players who want to plans beforehand over what has to be the poker game strategy. This is usually done by those seasoned players who often play multiple games and very well know how to play poker.

However, it is to be kept in mind that clicking of check or fold button does not make any attempt to reveal your cards to the opponent poker players. Check button has to be usually used when you are caught in the position of ‘big blind’. If this button is used, the move will get implemented in the flick of the second. If your opponent is going to be a smart and a seasoned poker player, it would be clear to him that you are about to fold your hands, of course until it is free to watch the flop.

Here are some more reasons for why and when not to use check or fold button in poker rules.

  • These buttons must never ever be used by beginners and novice poker players as they are yet to get familiar with the basic rules and nuances of the rules of poker game. It is intended for seasoned poker.
  • Frequent using of check or fold button sends wrong vibes to the opponent poker player. When these buttons are used too rapidly, it tend to give impression to the opponents that you are a weak player and you are unable to play the game ahead without checking the flop cards.
  • The buttons of check and fold has to be used with great care so that the opponents do not get benefited by your haste.

To conclude, check or fold buttons are not really intended for armatures or novice poker player. If you do not have the experience of playing good and consistent poker strategy, then do not use those buttons at all. These are the buttons for those seasoned poker players who know how to handle their game when their cards are going to be displayed the very next moment of clicking of these buttons.

Poker is a cards game that gives you the chance to win Real cash prizes.

Mr. Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for Poker game, board games, chess boards and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he’ll guide you the best techniques for winning in Poker.
For more reading, please visit here: http://stanislav-komsky.weebly.com/


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